How to use Essential Oils

Direct Inhalation

Breathe in essential oils directly from the opened bottle or tip a drop of essential oil into the palm of your hand, rub together then cup over your nose inhaling deeply.


Support wellness with the internal consumption of essential oils in a vegetable capsule or softgel.  Essential oils are absorbed into the body via the digestive tract.

Aerial Diffusion

Use a cold air diffuser to disperse essential oils into the atmosphere to create a wonderful aromatic experience that everyone can enjoy.

Body Products

Soothe, energise and nourish your skin with body products infused with the moisturising and aromatic benefits of essential oils.

Topical Application

Apply essential oils directly to the body for targeted relief.


Dilute essential oils in a carrier oil for an aromatic and wonderfully relaxing massage.


Far more potent than dried herbs, essential oils can be added to food and beverages for flavour.

Cleaning Products

From mopping floors to cleaning counter tops, essential oils provide natural and effective solutions to chemical-free cleaning.

Bath Soak

Add essential oils to bath salts and fizzes for a relaxing aromatic soak in the tub.  Alternatively, a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil can be added to a tablespoon of carrier oil then dispersed in bath water.

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